Panic Bar Fresh Installation

Home, business establishments, offices and other buildings are inclined to break in and other criminal attack. Because security is the most important to any property whether residential or commercial, installation of panic bars can give a lot of benefits. Panic or push bars attached or installed on exit doors will act as safe bolt locks which is an important must-have in any office or business establishment in the case of fire. These panic bars are impossible to open by an outsider. They are perfectly design for your safety and security. With panic bars, it safe to vacate a establishment but is difficult to break-in is.

We can help you install the best panic or push bar in your commercial property. For additional security reasons, you may want to limit the use of doors within your building with the exception of your customer and employee entrances. For reliable installation of security systems such as panic bars, our reliable locksmith technicians will have it done in not time in compliance with safety and hazard codes.

Our panic or push bar items can be installed in a wide variety of doors such as metal doors, aluminium and wood doors. We've got an impressive range of panic bar products from traditional to contemporary ones. Make sure to call us today and use our services. Our technicians have all the right tools for your establishments.