Master Key Lock

Master key or master keying is the capability to use one "Master" key to open one or more locks that are not actually keyed the same. Master keys are commonly used in commercial setups where the master key holder may have a key to their office's main door that can also open the bathroom, or a maintenance staff may have a master key that opens every door in the same building.

Apartment owners utilizes master keys to open each and every door of their rented flats, wherein each tenant also have their own keys for their specific unit. Tenants's key may also be used to access the main door of the building along with other areas accessible to renters. But it cannot open other units unlike master keys.

Master key system is a complex system that involves grand master and sub master keys. You need a master key if you do not want to keep a lot of keys for a lot of doors.

Our team can procedure you a master key system in accordance to your key holder needs. All you need to id is just dial our number. We are just a single call away and we are available to answer 24/7.