Car Key Chip

Transponder are chip attached to a key is an additional security measure used to protect a car from theft. If the key doesn't contain the chip or the car doesn't recognize it, the car won't start Traditional keys used by typical locks are just made by simple metal, unlike transponder key that has a microchip in it. That is why transponder key replacement is more expensive than having a common key replaced, the chip must be purchased and programmed before you can use it.

We can work on it, stop worrying and call us. Your dealership may also tell you that they are the only ones who have transponder key, but that is actually a lie. Some locksmith companies who offer auto lock services also have and program transponder key in a much cheaper price. Above all, locksmith's transponder key is guaranteed to work with any car make and model, like it was the original key from the dealership.

If you have lost your car's transponder key, there is no need to contact your car dealership and pay for a costly replacement. Simply dial our number and our professional locksmith technician will provide you a new one. In addition to that, we provide a number of auto locksmith expertise that you may possibly find helpful in the future.

Keep our number handy and give us a call the moment you need us.